Rare opportunity.

Outstanding return on investment.

Our vision of outstanding investors

You’ve already had a remarkable career.

You make the right decisions, and you always make them in a timely manner.

You’re quick to recognize opportunities and you know how to calculate risk perfectly.

Now, you’d like to take the next step in your personal growth.

We believe that you are someone that has all the attributes of an outstanding investor.

Someone with the potential to create a €10 million real estate portfolio.

Imagine owning a portfolio of this size that does all the work for you.

One that requires only the minimum amount of time and attention and doesn’t require you being an expert in property. Our dedicated support system can help you achieve this.

We specialize in the search and acquisition of high-income real estate for your very own future property portfolio.

Properties with high potential

Our expertise in finding desirable locations as well as high-quality properties means that your investments are good business right from the moment of purchase.

Acquisitions that are comfortable for you

A team of carefully-selected experienced professionals will take care all the necessary steps in the process, so you don’t need to clog up your already-busy agenda any further.


Incomparable profitability

Whether it’s minor renovations or larger developments, we know how to make the most of your property so that it works for you – without requiring your presence or total attention.


Let our team work for you and change your life.
We’ll take care of everything!



April 9th 2019 - Sofitel Hotel Le Grand Ducal, Luxembourg Ville
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April 8th 2019 - Sofitel Hotel Le Grand Ducal, Luxembourg Ville
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About us

Yann-Olivier Bricombert

Founder and CEO

Fondateur et dirigeant

“As a child, I remember looking out towards the horizon over the Caribbean Sea, dreaming of what was beyond, of the incredible places I would one day visit and the destiny that lay before me.

At 17 years old, I met with someone whose story I would then write about in the local newspaper on the island where I grew up. The experience inspired me. I would build a network of remarkable and inspiring people through journalism.

A few years and one award later*, my deep personal interest in property eventually caught up with me. And after a few successful ventures, I managed to find a way to merge my two passions.

This is how I was able to construct the skillset that would allow me to offer people a way to achieve personal growth when they had already succeeded in their professional lives.

My aim is to give people the opportunity to forget about financial issues so they can live the life of their dreams, thanks to the high-income possibilities I can create for them through real estate.

Earning €100,000 a month after tax in revenue means you can take things a little easier, prepare for a change in your professional situation or simply change your way of life.”

*Alexandre Varenne Prize 2009 for written press.


From Monday to Friday: 9am – 8pm (CET)

Tel: +33 977 217 333