Rare opportunity.

Outstanding return on investment.

Our vision of outstanding investors

You’ve already had a remarkable career.

You make the right decisions, and you always make them in a timely manner.

You’re quick to recognize opportunities and you know how to calculate risk perfectly.

Now, you’d like to take the next step in your personal growth.

We believe that you are someone that has all the attributes of an outstanding investor.

Someone with the potential to create a real estate portfolio.

Imagine owning a portfolio of this size that does all the work for you.

One that requires only the minimum amount of time and attention and doesn’t require you being an expert in property. Our dedicated support system can help you achieve this.

We specialize in the search and acquisition for your very own future property portfolio.

Want to invest in real-estate?

Properties with high potential

Our expertise in finding desirable locations as well as high-quality properties means that your investments are good business right from the moment of purchase.

Acquisitions that are comfortable for you

A team of carefully-selected experienced professionals will take care all the necessary steps in the process, so you don’t need to clog up your already-busy agenda any further.

12.6 Millions €

That’s was YANN OLIVIER has in the portfolio now, what clients have invested with us.                                                                                                                                                                   

3000 + People

Since 2015 YANN OLIVIER has worked with individuals and had an education process as well. It’s important to share and empower people.                                                    

About us


Founder and Chairman

“As a child, my eyes were set on the horizon of the Caribbean Sea, dreaming of somewhere else and where this would take me.

When I was 17, I had a moment that changed my life and I proudly published an overview in the island newspaper. I had made my mind up. I was going to surround myself by a network of remarkable, inspiring people through journalism.

A few years and a prize* later, my taste for the property world took over. And after several successes, I found a way to combine my two passions.
This gave birth to the range of skills that I have developed. Offering these skills to people helps them reach their professional goals, which is in turn a personal achievement for me.

Through my innovative services, working to achieve estate allows everyone to live out their dreams, without having to worry about the financial burden.

It is thus possible to move forward, to begin your career transition or simply change your life for the better.”


*Alexandre Varenne Prize 2009 for written press.



A team of talented professionals to provide you with high-quality service and unique opportunities, constantly exceeding your expectations


We cherish authentic relationships with our clients


Top-quality service, turnkey project managed from start to finish, bespoke advice to optimise wealth and family situation

commitment and excellence

We value service excellence and all of the little touches that create a top-quality service


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