How to double your investment in one year?

Monday April 9th 2019 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm

Sofitel Hotel Le Grand Ducal, Luxembourg Ville

You’ve worked hard in order to reach the highest levels within your profession.

You’ve already invested money, only to see poor returns in stocks, shares, life insurance etc.

You’ve decided to increase your high-income returns  investment  so you can take it a little easier professionally, start to spend more free time doing what you love and to diversify your assets.   

In 2019, it’s possible to become a top level investor that earns high-income returns without having to do anything, all thanks to the clever strategies devised by our experts.


We will share the secrets of these top level investors with you during an exclusive meeting that will take place on Monday April 9th at 6.30 pm at the elegant location of the Sofitel Le Grand Ducal in Luxembourg.

By invitation only. Reserve your seat today !

Our Special Guest

Native of France, Xolali Zigah has more a scientific background than a financial one. He first graduated a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics but got quickly really interested in investments, economics and finance. So he embarked on Finance studies and obtained a double Master in Market and Corporate Finance.

He wanted to become a trader in the City of London. When he got rejected at the interview, he decided to become independent and looked for the most profitable investment opportunities. After 7 years, he became an expert in high yield investments and a crypto-millionaire trader.

Your Host : 

Yann-Olivier Bricombert is the founder of Yann Olivier SAS, a luxury brand for real estate investors, that expands in France and globally.