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Yann-Olivier Bricombert interview from HelloMonaco

HelloMonaco: Mr. Bricombert, how important is to satisfy clients’ need?

Y.O.-B.: In my opinion, luxury is not about fancy things but serving those tools that can guarantee a deep consideration for customers setting a very good connection with them. We do value each customer and his time starting from a personal consideration that life flies so fast.


HelloMonaco: What about the feedbacks you receive from your clients?

Y.O.-B.: We can count on very satisfying ratings. Our clients usually inform us that we are improving their life not only from a financial point of view but also on their personal front. Despite being small investors they know how to do. What makes the difference with us is that we would like them not to waste their time and to enjoy themselves with their families and personal interests more frequently than ever. Not by chance, we are used calling our clients by first name.