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Why work with us

Putting part of your money into property is a smart investment.

You won’t need to make any property visits, nor waste any time on the acquisition process or financing, nor will you have to manage the upkeep, or find or manage the tenants. You collect the rent and we will take care of the rest.

A dedicated advisor from our team will be on hand to help you through the whole process.


YANN OLIVIER® is a turnkey service for international clients – high profile entrepreneurs, executives, managers, emeritus doctors, celebrities, politicians and key decision makers, who would like to invest their money in the property market. This enables them to leave a legacy for their children or grandchildren – without having the time to devote to it.

This service is available thanks to our network of trusted partners, who have built strong relationships over the years with leading professionals in France. They have carefully fostered links in the investment property industry, finance, asset and tax management, and prestigious concierge services.

We offer an innovative and comprehensive service to grow your assets, through property ownership: a proven tangible and profitable investment since the dawn of time.

Turnkey service

Investing in property should not take any more than one hour away from your life. As an investor, your sole job is to invest your money. All of the other things- visiting properties, arranging upkeep and maintenance, managing the tenants- are nothing more than a waste of time.


Your time is precious. We are here to help you and listen to your every need. It is our priority to give you the best opportunities and to surround you by a team of talented professionals to provide you with a quality service and unique opportunities, constantly exceeding your expectations.

Top quality service

We are a young and dynamic team. We value service excellence and all of the little touches that create a top-quality service, but above all, we cherish authentic relationships with our clients.



Our property hunters based all over France will find you property with a high rental potential, in the urban centre of a large town in France.Each property is hand selected based on its location and if it is being sold below the market price.


Backed by a network of several dozen partner banks, we can connect you to the right financial representatives, if needed.

Your chosen bank will send you a loan offer. All you need to do is sign this document and send it back.

We will go to a meeting with the notary to approve the deed.


We meticulously select a partner business to manage renovations, through rental property investment professionals.

All of the selected contractors work whilst upholding the stringent social and professional standards and offer a ten-year warranty.

You can keep up-to-date with the renovations at a leisurely pace, through the regular reports we will share with you.


Once renovated, the property will be rented out as a short-stay furnished rental.

We select the businesses who will manage the arrival and departure of tenants, updating calendars and listings, maximising the occupancy rate.

The rent will be sent straight into your bank account.


We’ll take care of everything!